Our Products

Born out of a passion for good, guilt-free food, La Buona Cucina products strike the perfect balance between our desire for great flavours and our need for sound nutrition. Choose from a range of appetising snacks and dishes, safe in the knowledge that our ingredients not only taste great but are good for your body, too. 

Our Ingredients

We use only the freshest, most genuine ingredients in order to achieve striking flavours together with sound nutritional content. One such example of this is the chickpea. Bursting with natural goodness, chickpeas contain a good amount of protein, making them an ideal substitute for animal derivatives. Although chickpeas are also rich in carbohydrates, they contain significantly less than other grains, making them a perfect base for flours used to craft snacks and dishes, as well as other essential food items.  

Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Our Miracle Gbejna is the fruit of a love for traditional Maltese snacks and the natural local environment, as well as a desire to provide a delicacy that can be enjoyed by many. It combines nutritional superfoods such as nuts and pulses, while recalling the ingredient beloved of the Maltese public. It is both nostalgic and modern, tasty and healthy. Best of all, it can be consumed by those who are intolerant to dairy products and choose a plant-based diet, or simply those who appreciate good, genuine and innovative food.